Aleph - CopyAleph Course

The Aleph Course is an introductory course designed to equip people to share the Good News with Jewish people by presenting the Gospel in its Jewish context. The course will also look at Jewish objections to faith in Yeshua with an historic look at Christian Antisemitism and Supersessionism – two primary causes of Jewish resistance to the Gospel. Each session will consist of a presentation, followed by group discussion (refreshments will be served) where questions can be asked in a safe and non-threatening environment.


  • The Parting of the Ways – Church and Synagogue
  • The Rise of Supersessionism (Replacement Theology)
  • The Tragedy of Christian Antisemitism
  • Jewish Religion, Yiddishkeit (Culture) & Worldview
  • Biblical Atonement – the Jewish Gospel in the Jewish Bible
  • The Jewish Messiah – Messiah son of Joseph or Messiah son of David?
  • The Divinity of Jesus – Christian or Kosher?
  • Sharing Messiah with Your Jewish Neighbor – Building Bridges not Barriers


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