Israel: ‘Dozens Of Terrorists Killed In Gaza’

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

JERUSALEM (Worthy News) – Israel’s military announced Tuesday that it had “eliminated dozens of terrorists” and found “numerous weapons” after the reinvasion of Gaza City after it entered Shejaia, a neighborhood in the eastern portion of the area, where it also killed “numerous terrorists and located weapons such as “sniper gear, grenades, and AK-47 assault rifles” in tunnels and above ground.

“Subterranean terror infrastructure” in the vicinity was also demolished by Israeli troops, military sources said.

To the south, in Rafah, Israel Defense Forces killed “dozens of additional terrorists in both close-quarters combat and via Israel Air Force airstrikes,” as part of a broader war against Hamas in Gaza, the military added.

The Israeli military also said its warplanes attacked “a school complex” in the Nuseirat refugee camp area of central Gaza, as Hamas has often used civilian sites to hide weapons and fighters.

Hamas-linked Palestinian authorities said at least nine people were killed in an Israeli attack on Gaza’s Bureij refugee camp, including five children, who were playing in the street.

As fighting intensified, United Nations experts accused Israel of a “starvation campaign” against the Gaza Strip, saying there is no denying that famine is occurring there. Israel has blamed Hamas, saying the group, designated as a terrorist organization, steals supplies or sells them expensive on the black market.

Yer with Israeli strikes increasing on Hamas Tuesday, patients and staff were seen fleeing the al-Ahli Arab Hospital and the Patient’s Friends Benevolent Society Hospital after the Israeli military issued another mass evacuation order for parts of Gaza City.


Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh warned of “disastrous repercussions” for truce talks if Israeli “massacres, killings and displacement” in the Gaza Strip continue. He did not mention the 1,200 people massacred by Hamas on October 7 in Israel and the kidnapping of some 250 people, in events that sparked the Israel-Hamas war.

At least 38,243 people have been killed and 88,243 wounded in Israel’s war on Gaza since October 7, according to the Hamas-run health ministry which does not differentiate between combattants and civilians.

Yet the mastermind behind Hamas’s October 7 attacks on Israel is stalling ceasefire talks and using the mounting Palestinian death toll to his advantage, leaked messages showed.

Correspondence between Yahya Sinwar, the terror group’s military leader, and officials tasked with brokering a ceasefire with Qatari and Egyptian officials indicated he is more interested in securing his own future than peace.

“We have the Israelis right where we want them,” Sinwar said in one of dozens of messages to ceasefire negotiators obtained by The Wall Street Journal newspaper.

The messages display a calculated disregard for human life and a belief on the part of Sinwar that Israel has more to lose from the eight-month war than Hamas.

In one message to Hamas leaders in Doha, he cites civilian losses in national-liberation conflicts in places such as Algeria, where hundreds of thousands of people died fighting for independence from France, saying, “these are necessary sacrifices”.


In a separate letter, sent on April 11 to Ismail Haniyeh, a Hamas political leader, whose three sons were killed in an Israeli air strike, Sinwar claimed their deaths and those of other Palestinians would “infuse life into the veins of this nation, prompting it to rise to its glory and honor”.

It came as new footage of Hamas hostage Daniela Gilboa was published on Tuesday morning, with the permission of Gilboa’s family, Israeli state Broadcaster KAN reported. The footage reportedly dates from the 105th day of the war. Gilboa’s current status is unknown.

Gilboa was previously seen in a video released by Hamas alongside fellow hostages Karina Ariev and Doron Steinbrecher.

Israel’s Defense Ministry and the army are concerned about the possibility of ammunition shortages after arms suppliers have stopped responding to their Israeli counterparts and others have refused to supply raw materials used to make ammunition.

Israeli media reported that the army is facing a shortage of 120mm tank shells and some tanks stationed in Gaza were carrying less shells to preserve the supplies in the event of war in the north with Lebanon’s Hezbollah armed group.

Israel has expressed concerns about the United States and other allies not delivering promised ammunitions. The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) also condemned the “cruel and cynical” tactics of Hamas’s leadership to complicate a ceasefire and endangering the local population by hiding hostages among them.

Hamas responded to a U.S. backed Israeli ceasefire proposal transmitted to Qatar which would first allow for a six-week truce to exchange some of the remaining 120 Israeli hostages for more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners.

A source said the terror group’s response contained amendments to the Israeli proposal including “a timeline for a permanent ceasefire and the complete withdrawal of Israeli troops from the Gaza Strip”.

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