Aleph  is a series of interactive sessions designed to explore Jewish spirituality and the Messianic hope found in the Hebrew Scriptures (Tanakh).


Aleph is for anyone looking for spiritual meaning and purpose in life, where one can…

Ask Questions

Learn About God

Explore the Scriptures

Probe for Answers

Hunt for Truth


The Aleph Leader’s Guide is designed for small group (chavurah) leaders, congregational leaders or anyone who desires to see people come to know Yeshua as Lord and Messiah. This leader’s guide will equip you in this process. Aleph was developed with the goal of reaching both Jewish and Gentile seekers. What makes Aleph unique from other such programs is that it has been developed with a Jewish audience in view, which is to say, it presents a Jewish worldview with a primary reliance on the Hebrew Scriptures. Nevertheless, Aleph is still highly effective for a Gentile audience in that it will serve to introduce them to the Messiah in his own historical/cultural context. Further, it will serve to ground Gentile believers in the Hebrew Scriptures which will only enhance their understanding of the New Covenant Scriptures.

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The participants guide will serve to help Aleph attendees to better follow each of the Aleph presentations. Both the Leader’s Guide and the Participant’s Guide can be downloaded here…

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Currently, there is no charge to download the Leaders Guide or the Participant’s Guide. However, if you would like to make a donation, you can (1) Mail a check to the NHC office at: New Heritage Community 9005 Chevrolet Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21042; (2) through your online bank account using Bill Pay; or (3) through Paypal/Aleph

If you have any questions about Aleph, please feel free to contact Fred Lessans at