One New Man

As a One New Man congregation, we acknowledge our Jewish roots (Rm.11:18) and our shared destiny with Israel to be a light to the nations (Zech.14:9). As Jewish and Gentile believers in Messiah, we share the same spiritual status but recognize our distinct spiritual callings. Though we have diversity of expression, we do so without division. Together we celebrate our “new heritage” as “one new man in Messiah” (Ep. 2:15) “that the world may believe” (Jn.17:21).

What are One New Man Congregations?


ONE NEW MAN congregations acknowledge the historic sin of anti-Semitism and Supersessionism that has characterized much of the Church for most of its history and prophetically declare the importance of corporate repentance (Rm. 11:19-22).


ONE NEW MAN congregations demonstrate the power of the cross to reconcile Jew & Gentile and point to God’s greater purpose of uniting all things in Him, things in heaven and on earth (Ep.1:10; 2:15).


ONE NEW MAN congregations are a sign of the “restoration of all things” (Acts 3:21) – of the ecclesia restored to its biblical/Jewish roots – rooted in Jewish heritage (Rm.11:17), embracing Jewish people (Rm. 11:31).


ONE NEW MAN congregations are a key to spiritual revival as Jew and Gentile become One New Man in Messiah (Ep.2:15). The healing of the first schism (separating Jewish and Gentile believers) will release the glory of God in the body of Messiah to new levels (Jn.17:22).

Reaching the Unreached

ONE NEW MAN congregations will be a witness to the world of the power of the gospel to heal and unite and will answer Yeshua’s prayer that “they (Jew & Gentile) may be one…that the world may believe” (Jn.17:20-21).

Return of The Lord

ONE NEW MAN congregations are a sign of the end-times and the return of Yeshua. Just as it took a Jew (Boaz) and a Gentile (Ruth) covenanting together to hasten His first coming (Ruth 4:13-17), so it will take Jews and Gentiles covenanting together to hasten His second coming.